A medium to broad-bladed zoysia grass selected for it’s fast rate of growth – bright green with hues of blue green; dense and with excellent leaf uniformity. Forms a strong sod via rhizomes.

Recommended Usage:
Adapt to subtropical, semi-arid and temperate regions of the southern US…  wherever academia, researchers and landscape professionals recommend or advocate the use of zoysia grass.  Recommended for residential and commercial applications, including home lawns, commercial landscapes, streetscapes, parks, sports fields and other public amenity areas.

Temperature Tolerance:
In trials, Icon has proven to survive Zone 7 winters with good fall color and quick spring green-up.

Drought Resistance:
Great drought tolerance; Icon is an improved selection of Zoysia macrantha which naturally occurs along rocky coastal cliffs of eastern Australia.  So it is inherently tolerant of dry, harsh conditions.  Although, it can and will go into summer dormancy when irrigation is withheld for extended periods of time.  Reintroducing water (whether through irrigation or rain) will break the dormancy and the grass will green up again.

Shade Adaptation:
St. Augustine grass will survive approximately 60-70% shade; Bermuda grass is typically adapt to no more than 15-20% shade (although there are some improved varieties that handle heavier shade).  Icon works in 30-50% shade. It is recommended for up to 50% shade in areas with low wear and up to 30% shade in areas with moderate to high wear.

Wear Resistance:
Due to its vigorous growth, Icon exhibits better wear tolerance compared to St. Augustine grass; Icon also exhibits better wear tolerance compared to some of the other broad-bladed zoysia varieties.  Many Bermuda grass varieties will likely show better wear tolerance in full sun but in semi-shade, Icon has better wear tolerance.